Netflix a biggest OTT platform of this era that too after the pandemic outbreak this has became the most necessary thing for many for the sake of entertainment . Nearly 3781+ shows are now streaming on Netflix and also has the traffic nearly 20 - 40 million + everyday . Not every films and series qualify to be the Netflix thing , there are many series which are not originally Netflix but after 1st or 2nd season Netflix featured the shoe on their platform all because of the series' popularity which includes names like Money Heist ( Spanish show based on bank heist ) . In December 2020 they also provided 2 days free service for Indians so that they can get to know about their traffic bandwidth and many more. 

            After Google now comes Netflix which will be entering the gaming circle soon . It is true that from now onwards many new comer games and also many of the popular games like Fortnite (especially) has the very highest chance to enter the Netflix race and also to earn tons of money . There are many questions arrising about this like Netflix going play role of game seller like steam or will they also provide cloud gaming facility like Nvidia GeForce Now ? and will the price of game platform be that flexible like OTT ? But again there is now fix details on this as soon as it will be revealed you be notified here .

            Talking of Netflix there are many news going on JIO to tie knots with Japanese gaming giant SEGA will this be beneficial or will there be any new gaming advancement in India is the most important thing to know in these upcoming days .