Geforce Now

        GeForce Now also available for Chrome users and also expanded the boundaries to the Mac M1 chips too. Till now the service is only available as Beta version for the Mac users source XDA Developers . GeForce Now helps the low end laptops to run high intensive games on very vibrant quality and performance . Nvidia earlier during launch days made the service usage very limited but now on august 2020 they announced their availability in Chromebooks too and also the service will be available on apple's Safari browser just like its available on chrome . 
           With this GeForce has now tied its horns with the google Stadia a browser gaming service which has just made its debut in UK ,USA and some of the major countries leaving India . According to the reports its is very sure that any pc that runs windows 10 with chrome in it can easily game on it but should have the minimum criteria of internet service of 10 - 20 Mbps minimum . The service is available for the chrome but it is still not compatible for the Microsoft Edge ( aka. Chromium ) as it is still unsupported for the service .  


          As of now GeForce is also available to paly with steam games that is if you have some of the steam games in your account you can connect that to the GeForce now and start streaming for the seamless experience ( but not all ), But this service just ruined up all built as many of the service users are unhappy . The reason for the ruin is the geforce right now is available for almost many of the games on steam due to which the geforce allows the users to play without permission due lot of users there is always a drop in game quality and this point just gives the upper hand to most of the other cloud gaming service providers like Stadia and Luna . As stadia and luna has limitation in permission and also limitation of games in their library . Soon the GeForce Now will also be available for LG TVs too. 

You can also download your GeForce Now from here .