Nvidia to lav down Intel and AMD , and why this image ? as we all know what arm is arm (Acorn RISC Machine) is a company which produces RISC architecture based processor , now you may ask what is RISC it is reduced instruction set computer in this kinds of processors there are less number of transistors and are highly optimized set of instruction , now let me tell you one thing your phone's processors are made by ARM that is the reason you are never much discriminated in playing any high graphics game on mobile phone but in pc you must have high end nvidia or the amd graphic card to render those graphics as they are made of CISC architecture (many of you may not have understood much now wait ill be making a separate post for this ) .

                                                                            BTW moving to our main topic of today is that why will nvidia lay other as they both comprise of same instructions of CISC , let me tell you it was till now but yesterday Nvidia just knock the doors of ARM and announced that they will be buying ARM as whole for $40 billion with this we can also expect to see Nvidia to debut in mobiles which can drastically change the world of rendering and gaming and any one from home can render high end graphical pictures videos easily .

                                                  It is interesting to realize that had Steve Jobs lived; it likely would have been Apple attempting to buy Arm rather than Nvidia. Steve and Tim Cook were on the same page when it comes to vertical integration, but where Tim would look at the regulatory problems and not do this deal, Jobs would have been full steam ahead and likely gotten it done.

Had Apple done this, they would have effectively locked out (over time) most of their competitors either from critical aspects of Arm, or Arm entirely. But that didn't happen. Nvidia bought Arm, and this acquisition may put Apple at higher risk. This puts Nvidia at the heart of an industry pivot toward licensing, which will be a significant game changer. 

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