VR- that is virtual reality in the further more posts i will only be talking on the VR, talking about VR due to VR we get to see the different environment (can also be called as virtual environment ) because of VR our mind get under place illusion (place illusion- due to this illusion we find our self really in a different world but in actually we are not in an different world) . As for more knowledge place illusion is the effect of sensory motor contingency i.e. the actual tactile sense we get because when we touch any object in VR world we can feel that object , and this feel in hardware is beacuse haptics .

HAPTICS- haptic is that as many of you may have used the xbox kinect or the ps vr controller where when you get attacked in the game you feel the sensation or vibration this vibration is because of the vibration pad used inside the controller 

this circular pore kind of structure which produces ultra sonic transducer as our body may not feel the ultra sonic sound wave so the design gives the ultra sonic sound wave between 2-400 due to the ultrasonic sound we can feel the invisible surface produced on the mid air and as of the circular pore like structure they can be programmed to form an invisible pattern on the mid air and with the help of this we can use the pattern how the pattern is programmed to use now you may ask how these patterns are programmed the answer to this is the developer who develops this first record the hand movement of using the real object which is tracked by the tracking gloves and then after the same is being applied this is how the haptic works and wiyh this said i also said lot of working of haptic gloves in my next main post i am going to give idea about the haptic suit which can be used in high end games which i will be talking about in my next post.