pple on 23rd of september will go live with their first ever online retail channel in India . This is the first that the company will be launching its online mart in India ,till now it has sold its products via E-Commerce platform and offline retailers. 
                      “One thing we’ve learned is when we enter the market with Apple Retail, all boats rise," said Deirdre O’Brien, Senior Vice President of Retail and People at Apple. “It creates tremendous interest in our products, which are available on our online store and through our network of trusted resellers, allowing us to connect with our customers where they are. As of today Apple Store Online is selling a wide range of Apple products,"she added.
                                     Also for the first time the company is going to include local contact center in its online retail shop which will provide the Indian customer easy support to access  for any  of their queries. Also company is going to announce their dedicated educational store for the special pricing for all the apple products like mac book , mac book pro ,mac book air etc . With that said they also added the special thing that is apple card plus for the special access on all the apple products plus they also came with all kinds of payment options which also  includes COD (cash on delievery).

                                    Actually the fact was that the company was going to hit its first online reatail store in the end of 2019 but because of the pandemic issue it couldn't show up that movement but not its is ready to hit for the festive season of the country with some special festive offers .

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