Haptics are the most essential thing in todays world of VR as we all know that VR is nothing without the head tracking motion tracking and the Haptics .

From my earlier posts you may have got some idea what haptics is and what it is all about and if you don't know visit  this and come back after and get back to this blog.

As i said in my above line that haptics i one major part of the VR experience as we all know the haptics is used to feel / sense the virtual object of the virtual world.

And as we know those object which we feel are already being recorded by actually touching that real object and that feel is being recorded by the specific trackers as they use for game characters to move .

And with that help the virtual object is being programmed to be made in such way that when we touch that object in VR world even though we know that the object is not real but we can still feel it with this method.

Now with this said you may have got the streak peek idea of how the haptic sense are being pre recorded and and you can feel those .

Now coming to the main topic of todays post and that is the main use of haptic which we can use.


As we talked about that in my last post that we can use it for civil construction simulation and chemical experiment simulation the same we can use it in gaming too

Till now there no such gadgets yet in Market and let me tell you i only talk about such things which we can make in future .

Now how this haptics can be used in gaming , it is used by introducing new Haptic enabled game suit which comprise of a suit ,helmet, gloves and a shoes.

Now what happens is gamers can more intensively game with the help of this, as this haptic technology can be used majorly in the wargames like PUBG, CSGO,COD FORTNITE

and many other and every graphic cards of the respective company should provide a special vr Haptic enabled real time gaming engine driver to all those flagship vr enabled 

graphics card as this driver will help to connect any game with the haptic device easily and can enjoy the realtime feel of the haptics.

and now the main point in this post and that is how will this work in the wargames like CSGO as we know in these game we kill the opponent from distance from any specific gan for 

some specific range now with the help of VR and the haptics enabled we can take long distance range for realtime and main thing is when a player gets attacked by the bullet due to the 

haptics the player who gets hit by bullet will feel in the specific part due to haptic suit if he gets headshot the haptic helmet will make you feel to some extent with the 

help of transducer it will reduce the impact of the ultra sonic sound and will make you feel the impact at the same time due to which even if you feel the headshot you will not get hurt

you will just sense it . As said above every possible shot will be recoded from the tracker and every shot will be programed to haptics so that at right time at right place you can feel the impact .

for that you will need the specific driver of haptics for real time gameplay.The Gloves and helmet will also have a real time trackers which will record all your small movements.

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