"The Remastered" is that term which itself says that the game company is out of idea and they are eagerly waiting to release something and make tons of money with name of the old title games. Till now almost 100s of old games have their remastered version and I appreciate those companies to successfully make people fool . As many people out there are so rich that they almost spend thousands of bucks just to see the improvement the company has made on a particular game over the years. Instead of spending on remasters they can spend on the real new content games but "NO" people just go crazy by the title.

The above pic is a very smart way of marketing something to make people curious about the gameplay and when you play the game you find some difference in quality (image below).

                                                      Remastered                                               crysis

What kind of difference do you find i say barely some in the texture quality but this game is really running in trend with almost lakhs of paid downloads the last version of this game that is crysis3 released on 2013 and after 7 freaking years they came up with a remastered version of their old title game this doesn't make any sense at all recently MAFIA 3 made its remastered which was released in mid of 2016-2017 and in 2020 they came up with a remastered version in which you can not notice a single improvement in the texture quality from your naked eyes  (image below).

And yes people bought this game for thousand bucks on steam 😒

My opinion - If you want to launch a remake after 4 years and all please come up with some twist in stories why are you making people fool  and make them spend their hard earned money on some easy photoshopped games 
Conclusion- If you can't come up with the story twist then we don't want such photoshopped games to play again and again just for some light reflections .Better come with some good and new content game.

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