EmbodimentAs we almost know many things about the virtual reality if you have been following at least all of my Infoblog if you haven't till now then click the link and hop on to other 4 articles first and then come back here and read this whole.Till now many VR games released just like half-life alyx it was a brilliant story mode game with lot of action and a haptic deserving game which will totally mesmerise you in the game with all types of illusion involved into it.

The only thing that is missing in the game which i guess makes the game not that good for a total haptics and that is embodiment technology , and that is when we go inside the game and we lean down and we cannot see our body and it just find invisible only thing we can find is our hand with the gun.

In today's info blog we are gonna talk about that this of illusion where we can see our body in vr world is called the body ownership illusion and almost in many of the apps and vr games we can't find the body of our self this makes the experience very terrible to many of people who observe everything point to point , company can ignore such people but i say that they shouldn't do that as it is very necessary thing .

Body ownership can be achieved with the thing called trackers easily like i talked about the haptic suit  in that suit itself the small trackers can be added with which when someone wears the suit the tracker immediately tracks the whole body structure and it will directly give the data to the software which the person is using and with that as soon as the software starts the person can see his own body in the app itself . In beginning of the vr research and embodiment illusion of dr. ramachandran there was a fix virtual body for all users it was done by storing the body structure data of a dummy and applying it to every person who will use that app.

With this same method we can use another method in which we don't have to use the haptic suit and that we can even apply in todays vr too and that is the person who is going to use the specific app can enter the age, height, weight ,size ,shape & color(not for skin color discrimination it is only for the real body ownership feel) this will not give the proper\perfect body shape (but it can improve some effect and they can even provide the body shape editor to you before entering you can do some adjustment of the body manually),this can be made by feeding all kinds of body type data inside the app itself so whenever the person enters any size shape a default body will be given to you as your body inside the app\game. These are some of the method which the vr companies can use to improve the experience of the user.


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