As we know VR is all about different types of illusions ,before you understand the the body ownership illusion which we can use to make the user to get illude inside the scene he /she is looking at inside th virtual world .

There are total 3 main types of illusions that are 

1.Place illusion


3.Body Ownership


1. Place illusion- this illusion is some thing we can directly get understand from the name itself that is place illusion ,it is a normal effect which anyone can feel it as soon as they watch anything on a vr headset like viewing streets of Mumbai from your house and after when you get off from the headset you feel as if you were there into that very scenario.This can be majorly used in many of the research places so that before working into the main research he can first practise it in the vr simulation . And we all know right know this thing is majorly used in gaming with good quality light reflection effects of ray tracing . 

2.Plausibility-Is the reality happening in front of your vision Like as soon as you enter the room every one looks at you to open the door you have to physically open it this thing of Plausibility can help you feel more deep and extreme of the place illusion . I may say many of us may know that in todays VR plausibility is being used almost into the level of natural response.

3.Body Ownership- This is the main thing of the illusion section I may say and it is also not that grown in today's VR world (you can know how/ what are the ways we can Improve the body ownership in this link ) and in this the illusion is when we use the vr and lean down to see our own body we find that there is nothing just our hand floating in the air and to eliminate this and to make us to see that we have our own body can make us feel more immersed into the scene which satisfies all the main illusions.

By this I can say that all these illusion can only described in one word and that is immersion of the vr. The major difference in this vr illusion is that if the place illusion breaks it can come back but if 

Plausibility illusion breaks it cannot come back . this can be breakdown as like in place illusion the scene can be repetitive and if that breaks it can be brought back , but in 

plausibility illusion the scene around you cannot be repetitive if it becomes repetitive than it can ruin the experience so if the on going scene breaks it can never be brought back.

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