Mario Kart one of the oldest and the youngest game of all time created by nintendo . When i was a high schooler i used  play Mario on my nintendo gameboy for hours without getting bored , and i believe that even others don't get bored by playing that game for a while .but now somethings has changed a lot in mario and that is its type of game. Now a days almost all old games have changed its type of game they were before in case of mario it is pretty good but not that good it is good and fun for toddlers  not for grown ups i.e. Mario Kart. As of now as there are lot of changes in game technology even Mario Kart has changed its way and has turn its sides to join Mixed Reality (MR)  (actually started by Windows ) . Who don't know the 2016s best reality game which just got out of trend is some months but before it was almost the most peoples craze that is Pokemon GO .Now like the same you just have to face your device towards the ground and you will find live mario characters with their Karts .

The game can be played with multiplayer mode where you and your friends can all join in a server and make a fascinating race with each other by destroying others kart blasting it all will be happening live in front of your eyes on your house floor which will give you a intense feel of the game . About online game we haven't got any idea or a hint about that news but according to me it can be bit good move by the nintendo creators that the players from far away can also bring them live on your floor, but at the same time it will require a very great internet connection which can handle the game and the MR both at the same time .

About the game availability the game will only be available for the Nintendo Switch users I guess soon they will also make this available for the android and ios users too on their own mobile phones . This game can be downloaded from the switch app store for $99 only .


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