Microsoft flight simulator is one beast part of the game for pc, but now the game will be hitting to another level of realistic simulation and that is VR simulation . We saw last month after its launch how realistic the game looks and when it will be available for VR the game is going to get its position not only just for gaming but it can also be used for professional simulation with real time simulation that is place illusion .

As this game is produced by the tech giant Microsoft and we know 2 years before they launched their Mixed Reality (MR) technology so we can expect that the game will be available with the MR too over the time being as it can release with its new updates .

By looking at this game quality itself we can say that the game requires the beefy graphics setup . When the game was only for the pc  the recommended graphic card was GTX 970  , but with the VR and further for MR tech enabled the game will obviously require a minimum requirement of GTX 1080 which can run this game in low settings . But know we have came to know that the game even some times tear off the fps on our Brand New RTX 3080 so with this we can easily come to a conclusion that this game even doesn't need GTX 1080 too it really requires RTX cards to get a smooth experience with medium or low settings ,but the game require far more optimization to its extent to make it playable at least with the GTX cards as for the sales ,as everyone cannot afford to buy RTX  .

The Requirements doesn't ends here it also requires a high end vr head set too handle this game on the VR ground ,but for vr it is standard that is HTC , or the oculus Rift is the requirement .With our calculation the full fledge estimated price for this beast game with the beast game setup will be almost $3000 (210000 rs) to $4000 ( est. 300k rs) .

Now its up to you wanna catch the fight to fly high with this high flyer or to stay down to watch how it works choice is up to you .


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