Steam Game Festival will start from this Wednesday , As we all know steam is the biggest online cloud based game store has the collection of millions of games in it and daily 100s of new uploads are being registered . 

             The Valve's Latest Steam Game Festival this year will allow the players across the world to have the free playable Demos of over 500 new indie games which will give the chance to the upcoming indie developers to show off their development in front of steam's large audience . The first piece of the festival was conducted alongside the game awards in December 2019 . After that similar kind of events and festivals in spring were conducted to give the indie developers the chance to show off their skills of game dev. . 

             According to the trailer launch of festival by steam it is almost clearly teased to have some of the major indie games like Genesis Noir from Feral Cat Den; The Riftbreaker from Exor Studios; Narita Boy from Studio Koba; Almighty: Kill Your Gods from Runwild Entertainment; Fling to the Finish by Splitside Games; and Black Book from Morteshka, among others.  


The Festival will Kick off this Wednesday 3rd February 2021 1pm ET till February 9th . 
Enjoy all the demos from the best future indie game developers .