Space X


         Space X is about to launch their space mission for normal civilians like us , And the mission is not that far to happen as it is announced by Elon Musk that mission will be ready to launch by the end of this year or the 4th quarter of this year 2021 . The mission named as the "Inspiration4" the company's technology entrepreneur Jared Isaacman will be the commanding the mission . Jared along with other 3 professionals will be train the pilots for the mission . Jared is the founder and CEO of Shift4 payments and is donating 3 seats alongside him abroad the dragon to individuals from the general public which will be announced in later weeks . 

              The commercial astronaut training will be given by the Space X in their space vehicles like Falcon 9 and Dragon spacecraft  , orbital mechanics , zero gravity , handling microgravity , egress excercise , space suit and spacecraft ingress and all other stress tests will be carried out for the training . 

              The mission is carried out to support the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital which another step towards Elon Musk's aim to make all civilians space flights common .