Google to end Stadia platform on 1st February 2021 till now stadia was a cloud based gaming platform , Where games all around the studios get released and gamers all around the world with any kind of rig can play the game that too with 60fps 1080 + resolution . The service by google was released to push lot of gamers to engage in gaming . Last year in November google announced to introduce many more latest multiplayer and RPG games on the platform . Also with the new launches the company had the chance to get good push as right now need of the gaming platform is increasing and google was the one which provides the service for very less cost , not only that stadia also provided  2 months free access to their premium account holders on the account of Covid 19 lockdown all around the world . The service google provided listed countries like France, USA ,UK , Canada , Belgium , Germany , Italy and unfortunately India wasn't listed in the list . 

Reason To Shutdown  

        Google Stadia till now added games on their platform which were developed and published by other game company and developers but google wanted to develop some of the best and immersive games on their own and start to launch on their platform bit by bit . But google found that developing such kind of expected games can cost them more and the distribution trough the stadia can be a great loss . 

What can be done ? 

        Google should have launched its game one by one while they also release the games from other developers too . Not only on stadia but also they can release the game on a local format too . And after the game goes successful and the stadia becomes available to almost all the major countries then they should have launched their stadia exclusive game which would have have cost them profit in the production.