Free Fire X One Punch Man

         "Free Fire X One Punch Man"  after collab with football King Ronald now this time it is with the king of the anime world. One of the most viewed anime across the world and is the highest-rated on IMDb will now be seen in the most downloaded game on Play Store. A month ago free fire made a million $ deal with Ronaldo to be in-game as a character named " Chrono " and this time it's one punch man who will be the character himself in the game with his disciples. It will be very interesting to see the king of punch be in an RPG action as we know that one punch man can just destroy his enemy with one punch is this gonna be the same in this game if this is so then I don't think so the character one punch man will be for free it will obvious for high currency. But it is sure that his sidekicks will be for not more than any price. As written in the title the new beginning which I guess for sure teases about the one punch man's 3rd season and also the new season of free fire too all at the same time. Just like Fortnite this game too is moving in full swing and I may say the collabs are just amazing compare to that of Fortnite. The only thing that differs between Fortnite and free fire is the graphics. Free fire has literally no good graphics compare to Fortnite, it will be a pleasure to see this game grow more and improve the graphic quality so that more and more graphic bounded players too get attracted towards it and be the one to beat the PUBGM record of downloads.