Jeff Bezos

       Jeff Bezos announced to quit Amazon and wants to pursue his dream . The reality is Jeff really can pursue anything he wants , at this point he can not only pursue but he has the capacity to buy the whole dream he wants to pursue phew 😌 thats all for next post (now coming to the point ) . The company will now be in the hands of the new CEO Andy Jassy . Now the question arises here like every time " Jassy that capable to raise the stonks of Amazon just like Jeff ? " The answer is let's wait and watch . According to this history of Jassy he joined the company in 1997 from that year till now he was some one on who jeff believe to come up with great ideas , in 2003 Jeff and Jassy came up with the idea of cloud computing and after that he was also the head of marketing section and you know Amazon's marketing one of the best in class till now . Before yesterday Jassy was the CEO of AWS too. Other than amazon Jassy is the chairman of a charter school named Rainier Prep. , And also owns Seattle kraken a hockey league in minority . Many great CEOs of different companies like Sundar Pichai and many more spoke about the retirement of Bezos . 

What's next for Jeff Bezos ? 

         As said above Jeff Bezos wants to pursue his dreams and to do that he will also be now entering into the league of making affordable space missions . In the year 2000 Bezos formed a space company named Blue Origin . And in 2020 October Blue Origin launched their 13th Rocket as a test which was named as Jeffrey P. Bezos . And now after amazon Bezos will be entering to the space faction for the full time basis .