Elon Musk likey to insert a kind of AI chips in our brain and the process is likey to start from this year end itself . Elon Musk till now has build many impossible things and all of them were successful one of them is the Space X's Falcon 9 a reusable spacecraft , and recently broke India's record by launching 143 satellites in one shot . With all of that recently became the world's richest man too. Recently Elon Musk made his Tesla cars debut in India too. Its been a very best year for Elon Musk . As we all know that Elon Musk is making the space travel common for normal civilians too , and the cost earned by the mission will be given to a children research hospital so this show is musk is a greatest philanthropist of this era as he is building innovation for the betterment of the people that means the chip which will be inserted will also be for the betterment of people as the insertion process in common has no fix date till now but the trials will be expected to start by 2021 end .


        The chip which will be inserted in the or some where near the skull which will be totally AI based so it will help to store all kind of memory inside it and when the left lobe get erased the AI will help the brain to memorize the memory by sending some kind of impulse . Inshort the AI based chip will totally help people suffering from Alzheimer's , Parkinson's and dimentia. The project will be carried bout by the neurallink.