PayPal will no longer be available for Indian transactions by some latest sources of 7th February 2021. I know there are many PayPal users out there who use it for their online transaction and businesses and all of them know this news till now but the this post is to make people clear their air off with some of the doubts they may have at this moment. Let me clear the thing in one shot and that is PayPal is going off from India only for domestic uses and for the international transactions that means if you own a business which deals with the foreign market than  than this won't effect you much , and there are some effects than they will definitely include with some solutions too so not to worry for those things. All the domestic online transactions will be stopped by PayPal in India which also includes sites like GoDaddy, Name cheap and etc. so its better who own sites to change their transactions method as early as possible or else the site renewal can be a hectic thing for your online business . 

Reason And Solution   

             The reason for the removal of the service is very easy and also obvious at the same time , as of now in India there are many online Payment transactions available for people and most trusted ones are Google Pay , Paytm and also there are many out there but almost 90% - 95% people prefer these services but there are very few users here who use PayPal for the domestic Payment like in stores and online shopping , Due to which the company had to face losses from the country and that forced them to quit the trading off from the country. Now for those who use to use the service it is clear that if your transactions are with the foreign business than that wont affect you for most but if you use it for domestic than it is very important to change your service provider till the month of April at least . Looking at this it finds good for India that their services will get more boost from now on.