Google photos will end its free unlimited storage facility after June 1 . Till the date google provided its user to store there photos in the default google photos app regardless to the storage all for free . But now google has said that from June 1 onwards the app will count the storage that is under 15gb , While for the Pixel users it is a good news that they don't have to run anywhere to find some tweaks for this . And also that is not all , all your pics and high quality videos will all be free to store till may 30 but after that what ever you store under the app will all be deleted after 2years so not only you have to adjust your needs but also have to find some alternative to store your memories for a long run . Yet that's not all there is also a bad news for Pixel users and Pixel fans and that is the free storage facility will only be available for those who are using the the series right now , for the new buyers from now will have the same set of storage rules that others like us have right now . 

What to do ? / What is the alternative ?

          The thing here is that if you go out of 15gb storage then you will have to pay monthly which is $1.99 and $19.99 yearly basis which is totally considerable and is under budget according  to the . When you have the alternative then why waste your money on something which is not worth paying off . Yes , there are alternatives in fact there are lots of alternative given below that too not only with unlimited storage but also all for free and you can also store it as long as you want . 
1. Dropbox 
2. microsoft onedrive /365
3. Jio Cloud
are the top most apps in my suggestion.