Windows 11

          Windows 11 an out-of-the-blue update that may be or may not be rolled out in upcoming days. In past years it was said that there would not be any new version of Windows coming up only Windows 10 will be getting some more advanced updates and Microsoft will then be concentrating on building their different brands. But the recent update given by the company clearly indicates that they will have a new version of Windows now the main question on what context I am saying that there will be a new Windows version? This is because according to the sources, the current Windows 10 will get updates till 2025 and after that, there will not be any updates for Windows 10 but the new version of Windows will get the full focus of the company. The hints just turn our eyes towards Windows 11 and even I think Windows 11 is the bottom line. All confusion will just get its conclusion on 24th June 2021. 

Windows 11 is the final version?  

         After a major bamboozle the company made with  Windows 10 no one can say "This is the end" As technology evolves each and every day software and gadgets too evolve and in such cases, the statement just becomes "Never say never". As of now bringing new versions of any tech is totally acceptable. 

Possible features of Windows 11

         Some important 2 to 3 features are so-called revealed and out of which one thing and the most important thing is that there will be a possible major change in UI for Windows 11 and also one more thing and that the Operating System will itself have an antivirus or a defender which will secure your computer from all kinds of updated viruses. 

         Talking of Windows update Facebook brought a major update in their Facebook Messenger. The update includes new chat themes and the QR code scanner for online payment and money sharing with group members just like in Hike. Other than this there is another major update and that is the Quick message reply feature which is an ongoing feature on WhatsApp in this if you receive a message you don't have to go to the messenger app to reply but you can reply to the message on the notify itself.