Microsoft to launch it's new machine learning based AI software named "Lobe" which does the image and object classification . The interesting thing here is that the app allows the user to apply their own machine learning and ai without using a single line of coding and use their ai for more machine learning research . Even though you don't even have the knowledge of machine learning you can still use it and develop it . The company is telling that it is more likely to expand the branch and make the tech giant's ai revolution to another level . The app is just started up by Microsoft and they have made it all for free for those who are Mac and windows users and you can download the app from the following link of .

You can use the lobe app to classify the image you want to know about you can also use the app for the handwriting recognition , facial expressions recognition , hand moment , and much more with the help of the app .

The app is totally user friendly and it also even don't need the internet access to use at all the ai just used to recognize the things , the company complements Azure ai for the airport usage for the people who leverages for the cloud computing .