Cyberpunk 2077 is just like the metal called Mercury when we are all about to touch the release date it just get delay by some days just like Mercury can't touch it with your fingers . The company is still not ready with their launch day patch to come out for the platforms and the thing is they are going to make the game a multiplatform game that is to run games on this gen pc ,next gen pc  , consoles , Google stadia so this is creating lot for the company . According to the company the game will still remain the most anticipated game of 2020. The realease date has pushed 21 days forward and the new release date is 10th December the end of this year . " Now you may say what all will change in just 21 days but for us it matters a lot " said the company CD PROJEKT RED .


My views are that the delay won't affect the excitement level of the gamers. As the game is just delayed for 21 days so no need to get furious because the game should hit hard and be the king game of 2020.