After the delay release of the Cyberpunk 2077 that is on 10th December 2020 announced by CD PROJEKT RED .  As the game gone gold as they made promise that they won't change the date of November but after yesterday's delay notice again the fans gone wild and we're little disappointed but this won't stop people by playing the game as soon as it kicksoff . The earlier today the GOTY Game Of The Year award host Geoff  Keighley announced and made it official that the game is no longer in race of 2020 and it will now be part of 2021 GOTY  just like Super Smash Bros some years before .

As the game is going to release on 10 December and the GOTY is also held on the same day of 10 December . The only tragedy here is the game has a long way to go through now as 2021 is to far to come from now and till then there will be lots of new and impressive games and cyberpunk will have to just beat them because we don't know any games potential as of we seen last year Seikro bagging the title same way if some game makes a strong impact on gamers mind then it will be too tough for cyberpunk to tackle , let's see and get hyped for upcoming long awaited online live telecast of GOTY 2020 .