AMD Radeon RX 6000 series launched few hours ago the series is also called as the BIG NAVI the most powerful the beast incarnate of the whole AMD series is out now . After the Q3 revenue announcement the model is being made displayed . The cards included in the 6000 series are AMD Radeon RX 6800 , Radeon RX 6800 xt and the most powerful and the powerhouse of 6000 series is their Radeon RX 6900 . The company has promised about the realease and according to that the RX 6800 and 6800 xt will be available by November 18 with the price of around 579 and 649 $ and talking about RX 6900 will be available from first week of December with the price range of 1000$ . 

The graphic card is made on the architecture of RDNA2 . The R&Ds work in the graphic card for the ultra gamer enthusiasts as the graphic card is fully built for the graphic immersion and the breath taking visual effects which you will all get with these powermongers . The graphic card delivers with the next gen power as it is built on rdna 2 arch which is made for next gen console, pc , and mobile gaming based . The architecture aims for double the power and 54 percent more performance per watt then compared to earlier architecture of RDNA . 

The graphic card comes with 80 computer units , 5120 shaders , pcie 4 port with 16gb vram that is you can enjoy your game with rtx on a 4k display with 60 or more fps ( depends on the type of game ) .

My opinion the graphic card is a total Blastoise and a heavy clash for company like Nvidia right now as they are still the leading one but sometimes it finds like the Nvidia can get buried down by amd. But with the ARM tech Nvidia coming up can make a great boost to Nvidia now so still AMD needs to little buck up too fast to get to level of Nvidia as we know amd itself has its microprocessor producers not like Nvidia so they can also build more powerful microprocessor tech with the help of RISC architecture.