Netflix the stream giant confirmed that it will be conducting its first ever streamfest in India and that will be exclusively only for India . The streamfest will be for 48 hours and this will avail people to binge your favorite series or movies all for free for full 48 hours . Even though you are not the prior subscriber you will get the chance to watch you favourites for free , not only this the COO of the netflix Greg Peters also stated that the user will also not have to fill the payment details for 2 day free trial . The fest is to check their stream capacity and for first they will be making it for India and if all goes well and most population subscribes it then they will also be conducting the fest in other countries too. 

Netflix has discontinued it's 1month free trial earlier but they have never forced their users to not to unsubscribe it under one month that is if you find Netflix is not for you , you can leave it any time and no charges will be taken for cancellation fee and all.