Microsoft the tech giant in silicon valley due to this covid outbreak situation has made an offer to it's employees that they can work form home permanently through out their life it, as it will be allowed only for some people and not for all . The employee who choose to do so will have to sacrifice their workspace of office and have to work from home and make up their own workspace in their home . People who want to opt this will have to take the permission from their managers and will get permission if valid . Some people are not at all eligible for this option these include the people who work in Microsoft labs and employee training center will have to come to office for normal basis . " Due to this situation it has taught us to work in different ways " said HR head Kathleen Hogan . As the company has monitored all these months the employee don't even sacrifice half of their time in home for office work still it didn't abondon the office situation . " We believe in people working in all together in the office workspace " says Kathleen Hogan . Bill gates said that employee can relocate across United States or overseas . Those who relocate will get to see difference in the salary according to the region and country . Till now Microsoft has employed 163000 out of which 96000 are from USA . Companies like Facebook owned by Mark Zuckerberg has already started this scheme.