Fortnite vs Apple as we all know that there many legal issues going on between these two Giants . With growing heat between these two there comes some dispute advantage takers and these people are hackers . Hackers are the one who always find the right time to attack any system and earn lot this is long went history of hackers , and the same thing happened this time too. Hackers hack top and good accounta of fortnite and sell them on telegram groups for almost $ 40000 to $60000 and people but it for their game insights and to grow the clout on internet . Hackers only hack such accounts which consists of good amount of skins and reach points so that the buyer will be readily and with wide open arms accept the accounts by paying the load of money . The items are also being sold on black markets of internet like deep web and also telegram groups . 

DonJuji well known respected cracker in the underground world of hacking has reavealed that the hackers almost use costly tools to hack the fortnite accounts . Epic games is trying to stop the hacking but the hackers use costly proxy rotation services like Luminati , OxyLabs and many more to change ip addresses and login id , reported by the company itself . 

The low-end hackers hack less popular account and sell them for around $5000 , so with this said you can get to know the minimum price is itself $5000. I.e. almost ₹35000 in India . According to the report by the intelligence group Data Viper it is reported that the famous hacking groups like Gnostic Players and Shiny Hunters are also involved in this .

This doesn't stop here as the games like Minecraft and Roblox also involved in hacking and breaching.