Microsoft will also be following the paths of VR and Haptics as the growing Technology in VR and the realtime animations there also leads to the growth in realistic animation and its Technology . And for now the basic needs of VR should and needs to grow a lot is the technology of Haptics . Microsoft now introduced to you with their newest Technology of VR Haptics that is "The Pivot" technology , the pivot Technology is about the physics of throwing ,catching and pulling objects . With the pivot controller you can tell the feedback of the vr object at the real-time according to Newton's principle .

The basic image of the is being revealed till ow and it is something like this below 

The controller will also be used in the Microsoft's own MR ( mixed reality ) too. The working of the device is also showcased out here .

My objections here is if the company is spending for some Technology then why don't they use and make it into full limits as I mentioned in my earlier blog they can make the full haptictechnology setup which will not only they will do everything at once but also they can make the complete use of this technology into it's full extent .