Dimension is all about measuring object which involves numbers and their schemes . As there are many different levels of dimension which includes 1D , 2D , 3D , 4D , 5D  and list goes on . The difference between all the dimensions are simple as we move to greater dimensions different non-physical parameters become physical just like in 4D time is the physical property but there is a certain limit in that too and it is we can use the time in 1D format and that is we can move back and front in time not left not right to make it possible we have to move on to 5D where we can use time in 2D format and in 6D we use time totally in 3D format and it is just like "time travelling is an infant's play " . Just like that the higher we go the higher are the changes to use all the parameters as a physical quantity . Moving into different dimension is just of moving into different universe as the parameters totally change as we move to different universe as the dimension is mainly dependent on the permutation combination . Dimension thing are all messed up we cannot move to different dimension unless and until every molecules and particle of our body move to the different dimension which can totally change our physical appearances there in other dimension as many of us may know this through MARVEL COMICS . 

Move behind the number line - 

         Talking of the different dimensions which are basically adding up in number line is there any dimension in negative format like -1D , -2D , -3D and so on and so forth . For now lets talk about basic number line in which moving forward in +ve axis gives you higher value and in -ve axis as we move backward we get higher value its just simple as that . In dimension too I guess its just the same and it must be same and that is suppose if there exist dimension till 10D then in negative side -1D will have the property of 10D but in inverse way and -10D will have property of 1D in inverse way . Is that true ? the answer for this is not fully sure as of moving into number quadrant is not a physical parameter for us as a 3D creature in simple words for us in 3D dimension is not totally a physical quantity but for the creature in may be 10D dimension itself is too a physical parameter due to which it can move back and forth in all possible dimensions like I said dimension is about quantum physics as to move to different dimension it also depends on all molecular and atomic parameters too , and it is also based totally on permutation combination . 

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Can we experience other dimensions ? -  

        Now comes computational power in this aspect till now there is just some countable number of 4D games till now and the thing is the only aspect to experience 4D id through Virtual Reality and the major thing is we can only just watch things and not physically feel any of the 4D object even through VR . This is obvious that there is no such definite thing to make us fell dimensions . There is one way and as I said the concept of dimensions is also dependent on quantum physics which makes us come to the point of using quantum computers . Quantum computers are those computers which run using real transmons  , iontraps which is measured in qubits where as in normal computers they use binary numbers and and measured in bits . With the help of the physical qubits in Quantum computer we can use it by programming to move from one dimension to other dimension . CAN THIS BE POSSIBLE ?