How will be the world for the creature in 4D 

     World in 4D as said earlier is the world which is not visible for the humans or any creature in the 3D, 2D , 1D  or any dimensional space as this is the most important thing that every person should understand . Things like 2D object cannot be in 1D world nor will it be in 3D world , same way 3D object cannot be in any other dimension except of its own dimension . Dimensions are not any kind of physical property they are used to measure the size , distance of object hence 2 different dimension cannot coincide at a time . 2D object which we say doesn't actually 2D as even those object have a thickness thus we just take the cross section part of the object and name it 2D in simple word the word 2D is just an imaginary term in this 3D world . 

Creature in 4D 

     As many of us have learned according to Einstein's Theory Of Relativity Time and Space are not at all separate things both are inter related to each other . If there is any change in any one of the parameter then it will show a certain changes in the other which is also said as The Space Time Continuum . It is always said that time also plays the major role in creation of the universe . Taking above parameters in to the consideration it can be said that time is a physical quantity in 4D world the creature in 4D can feel the time and can go 10 years in future , see the future and still remain in present same can be done for going back in time and still be in present . Thus it can be said that the time is not the major parameter in 4D . Yet these are all practical assumptions by many physicists and scientists but yet not proved as no one experienced the dimension in a physical way . So for now 4D can only be used for gaming and for digital practical so that people can at least get to know about 4D and it difference with 3D and other dimensional worlds . For now we have talked about 1D , 2D , 3D and 4D now going down in number scale is there an dimension below 1D and if how will it be ?