If you are a gamer or a gaming enthusiast then you may have wondered about What's next for gaming? Every year new graphic card launches with more Cuda cores with more VRam and with faster bandwidth and you may think what is the use of ultra high-end cards as the graphics level of the game industry is at the highest level to many of the games like Assassins' creed, Call Of Duty, Cyberpunk 2077 and many more and yet the maximum graphic card requirement is GTX 1070 or 1080 even high graphic demanded VR game like Half Life Alyx require the Maximum graphic card requirement of GTX 1080 then why Rtx 3090 and more, obviously it gives the ray tracing effect to the game which makes even games like Minecraft look more realistic. Not only that it also improves the gameplay experience which includes aiming and tackling in an Esports type of game, by the way, it is also important to have the least latency monitors for an improved Esports experience. That makes us come to the conclusion to think of " Then why do we need more graphic power? "

 Then why do we need more graphic power?

           Many of you may think right, right now with the growing technology the graphic card is not only used for graphical use but also used in AI industries for Mapping things using AI, and in this Nvidia is the first to work on the topic of deep learning. And talking about gaming Normal Pc gaming is soon going to replace with VR games on a larger scale and not only that the main drastic change comes here as we all know from almost year1960 to 2000 there were only 2D games and as the times passed on there was a quick and very drastic improvement from 2D to 3D and not only that the 3D games also improved quickly so now it is almost very near that soon many AAA titles to have a shift in dimension i.e. from 3D games to 4D games I may not say that all games can be 4D as human eyes can't render 4D objects so there can be many aspects and many possible storylines specially made for the use of 4D titles. And with the increase in dimensional level, the cores and threading need more power to render all the dimensional vertices and this can affect the graphic load which can't be handled by any normal and mid-range cards. Soon we can also see new and dedicated cards especially to render 4D graphics just like they made it to render the ray physics. More about 4D will be the next post thread