Bank Near Me

                 "Bank Near Me" is the most searched keyword on google maps after "Restaurant Near Me", and it is relevant to be the most searched keyword. But due to this pandemic, companies have learned to make things online and also make things easy. There are ways to transfer money, share money, and donate money via the Internet but there is no fixed solution to some bank works via the internet like bank deposits, creating a new account, or filling some forms for NRIs, senior citizens, and accounts having fewer than 5lakh rupees. So for such works, there are no internet-related online facilities. And not only that even if these things come online yet people won't risk filling in online because of money insecurity, so what can be any kind of solution for this. 

Solution -   

                If there are no internet solutions for the problem then using a bank near me on Google and visiting the bank physically is better to adopt the bank near me facility for Virtual Reality. As we all know google and many Indian companies too are about to adopt VR, this means private sector banks to adopt the VR facility which enables the user to mark the bank near him/her on Google and directly share the location on the VR device which will enable the user to virtually visit the bank and with the help of internet user can satisfy all kind of bank formalities without going outdoor at least till the outbreak gets over. As such indoor facility is right now very necessary for people staying in the regions where the outbreak has a larger impact. 

( To know more about VR check the link )