VR (virtual reality), is a technology that can be used in various fields most commonly known as gaming but besides gaming, there are many places where we can use the VR and XR technology to develop in the field of most two common places 

CIVIL ENGINEERING- In this field VR plays a very important role and how it works I am going to explain it now. As many of us may have heard the incidents of the collapse of huge buildings and bridges due to which there occur major financial losses, the reason for these incidents is because of the lack of prior experience of the engineer and the architect or/she may not have participated in any complex construction project before. We can't blame them fully at that time so, in these situations, the engineer can use the VR and the XR technology to simulate the actual construction before they get into the action 

The science behind the technology- as we all know VR look like and how they are used 

as we can clearly see in the image the microcontroller that is above the will track the head rotation of the person (this can only be possible by high-end HMDs (head-mounted displays))and the speaker attached to it will give sound effects and the vibration motor given behind they are nothing but the haptic feedback which will give the real-life sensation. Now comes the major point of this civil part that is of the XR technology here with the help of the XR technology they can simulate the object they want for the construction and can also manipulate to move those objects as how they want plus the major advantage here they get is that they can just get the 3D vision of the object i.e. with what or all material that certain object is made and what is the strength of the material.



CHEMICAL RESEARCH- As same as above there are many incidents of chemical reaction problems which sometimes cause a lot of major problems likewise use of XR and VR can prevent these from happening above with the help of haptic technology in the VR user can feel the heat of the certain chemical reaction and with the help of the XR the user can manipulate the chemical mixing he wants and also he will get the full report and reaction report on the side of the display on the mid-air. So with the help of XR and VR, we can use them for these purposes.

Basic info- XR is nothing but VR+AR+MR (virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality)

with the help of augmented reality, we can get the simulation in the real-world eg- pokemon go

with the help of mixed reality, we can not only simulate objects but can also manipulate them to use virtually. they are already in use in many medical kinds of research.