There are many technology present in world right now and some of them are the upgraded version of some older technology and where as some are totally new and also totally hilarious just like we saw last month about Elon Musk's Neural Link which can even make a paralyzed person use smartphones faster than a normal person and on top of it this can also help monkeys to play video games just like a pro human gamer.  Like wise there are some other techs too which are not yet out in market and not even in its testing phase only ideas are being coined for the future.

1.  Backup For the Brain -

Hard Disk

         As we all take backup of some important information or data from our currently using hard disk of any device like smart phones, Computers, Laptops and etc. , out of which cloud base backup are always most preferable but for some who have lot of data to store which can overtake the limits of cloud storage use external storage device like pen drives and external hard disks . Why do we use these ? It is very simple if the internal storage device gets corrupted or disrupted then we have to replace it with the new one which will not have the older data stored in it , so to bring back all the important from the old storage device we use backup device to retrieve all the important data back . But what happens if a person got into a major accident and got hurt on his /her brain which cost them a memory loss which happens many of times in such accidents , in such movements how can they get back their old and important remembrances . It is necessary to have a backup as of some intelligent people must have an idea of writing everything on memo pads but let me tell you while some one have a memory loss the person don't even will have the memory of writing things on memo pads and at times they don't believe in things that they have written those on memo .  At such times it is important to have a backup technology to get back memory . Think of something like if a mastermind like Elon Musk gets into such accident and lost his memory than it will be too difficult to run a idealistic company like tesla and space x for some one else . Talking of this last year a scientist named Raymond Kurzweil pinned about this idea to get real by 20 years . Is this gonna be real or not is a big question which me might have to wait till 20 years to experience that . 

2. AI Robot Scientists -

Robot Scientist
                                                           Image Credit - University of Liverpool 

              With the growing technology Robots are everywhere even robots can perform surgeries , and also work in companies replacing the employees . Like wise during lockdown all around the world in University of Liverpool, UK a robot scientist conducted almost 688 experiments regarding gases , catalyst and many more all on its own . And it is said that in nearly 10 years we can get to see technologies developed by robots as they use some algorithms to create things with their own idea . Does this mean that we going to witness Robots vs Humans in future as the world war 3 , may be or may not be .