Video credit - Neuralink.  

       Neuralink a neurotech company by Elon Musk created a neurotech device which can even make monkeys play Video games . As you can see in the above video the monkey is Playing pong game with using its own brain . According to Elon Musk the technology is to make any people use technology in a very smart way . As we all know Elon Musk is majorly know for his ground breaking tech discoveries and ideas . Neuralink's technology is so powerful which you can see in the above video as the monkey easily playing the pong game and as well as the retro style table tennis game . The technology makes the brain easily manipulate the algo. Of anything , which automatically makes you or any living being more faster in thinking . According to Elon Musk the technology is majorly for the one who is paralyzed and can't operate anything on their own , and with the help of neurotechnology even a paralyzed person can use his/her phone faster than normal people that to all on their own . It is funny but as Musk said it can be possible in near future that even monkeys be on Twitch and other gaming platforms .