Virtua Cop 2
                                                                Pic credits - Alphacoders   

           Virtua Cop 2 ( V.Cop 2) can have a remake?  Virtua Cop series started in 1994 for the first time and ended their Trilogy in the year 2003 published by SEGA AM2 and designed by Yu Suzuki ( 2003 AIAS Hall Of Famer ). The game revolves around 3 detectives named Janet, Rage, and Smarty who find the crime in their city named Virtua and end their reign. But out of  3 parts, the second edition got the most of its popularity some of them don't even know there are 3 editions of the Virtua Cop series, and in recent years it was rumored that V.Cop 2 will be out again with its remake version. In the era of remakes where even recent games too have their remakes so that the company earns revenue which they couldn't do in the original game, and there comes a game like V.Cop 2 with which millions of people have their memories attached. It is true that every company comes up with those games which they think are best for business, but I think the V.Cop 2 can be that remake game that can beat the record of other SEGA games. 

Reason -    

            It is very easy to analyze that the game which is also known as the first ever real-world shooting game manages to come up with the 4th edition or the remake will surely hit the market with great profit. The game can be made with multiplayer storyline games like A Way Out and many more like that. But at least the game can make it up to the top level as it is one of the most popular titles of SEGA till now. The game can come up with the idea of adopting VR just as half life remake. As VR is very fastest growing in the gaming industry with the best quality graphics and real-time effects. With that said Virtua Cop 2 or the Virtua Cop series, I guess must be the must-released game till 2022.