Battlegrounds Mobile India
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            Battlegrounds Mobile India is the repackaged version of PUBG especially made for India. It was said that the servers and all the Insides are totally safe and will not be shared with other countries, especially with China but according to recent surveys and some more information, it is clearly seen that the game as soon as it starts up the game contacts some of the Chinese servers and after the game is fully loaded the game doesn't contact any Chinese servers. The reason for this can be the old account that we created when it was of Tencent maybe for that reason to get the player profile the game may contact the Chinese server and after it won't. But still, there is no fixed news from the game company officials. Due to this problem, it was also said that there are chances for the game to again get banned.

Glitch  - 

           The problem for the BGMI doesn't get over here as recently on 22 June 2021 it was experienced by many BGMI gamers that they cannot play the traditional Battle Royale mode of the game but they can only connect to the arcade mode of Erangle. But if you are still facing this problem you can get the solution by fixing this bug with some simple 4 steps.

1. Go to the settings panel of the game and get logged from the game. 

2. If you got correctly logged out from the game then you may find the Repair option down below. Where you have to click on the routine repair option and click "OK".

3. After the above step you don't have to do anything until the patches are being installed from the game.

4. After the installation is complete you have to exit the game and clear all your memory cache from accessing your mobile setting in the apps section. 
5. You're done!