PUBG MOBILE the game for which all children to even many grown ups are waiting to get unbanned but the game is banned last month and it been 1 month and yet strong . On LinkedIn recently the PUBG co. Posted a job listing for associate level manager from India , and when these crazy fans found the post they just busted out with celebration as if the game got unbanned but the truth is the company never stated any where to make a comeback . But people are at the full hopes that the game will come back as they will soon make a tie up with India . Anyone who don't know that the PUBG Mobile is banned but the PC and console version is still available and no ban is made over that. The game will come back or not is a big question but when it comes to the Indian government there is no chance of the game coming back . According to many reports the PUBG co. Has posted job for PUBG not specifically for PUBG Mobile , so many don't think that the game is anyway coming back this soon , and btw India is all set to launch their first ever battle Royale game FAU-G and they won't get back PUBG again as this can drastically effect FAU-G market , but still never say never any thing can happen and who knows PUBG can come back .