Tesla one of the richest tech company will be joining hands with the economic powerhouse of India Maharashtra . Weeks before the founder of Tesla Elon Musk said that they are coming to India next year . And a week before Maharashtra's tourism and environment minister Aaditya Thackeray and industry minister Subhash Desai made a video call to executives of Tesla to call them to Maharashtra .

 And earlier this month Elon musk replied to the post by showing the pic of a t-shirt written " India wants Tesla " .

Prime minister Narendra Modi is also promoting to battery cars to decrease pollution and preserve the natural oil .Last month the value of Tesla fall down to roughly around $50 Billion , but still Elon musk is all about promoting battery vehicles and will be reducing the cost of cars to ₹18.4 lakhs with self driving of Tesla too. On the day of "Battery day" Elon musk discussed about the new form of using battery in vehicles and their cost efficiency . The mile battery will be used in vehicles which will help the vehicles to use a battery for almost millions of miles and can be used for almost 10 years roughly and the price will all be affordable too.