Windows 11
                                  Pic Credits - Microsoft 

              Android apps like Tik Tok , Adobe and many other mobile apps and mobile editing tools will all be available on the Windows 11 all for free . The apps can be used any time you want and are very easy to use too , so you can seamlessly run all the android app on your Windows 11 . With the help of Intel Bridge technology the company could easily integrate Android apps on Windows . With this technology Windows can be made to use as the super OS as this OS version of windows has no OS usage barrier and sooner or later we can also find Mac apps also to run on the Windows . After the official launch of the Windows 11 that was on 24th June 2021 , we found that the UI of the OS was majorly changed and made it more easy accessible and some where around we can also said  Windows has also almost made Mac to fall behind after the Windows 11 launch . 

Is there any need for Windows 12 in near future ?        

               In 2015 when Windows 10 got launched it was said that there will be no further new windows versions rather than new updates releasing back to back for Windows 10 . There is no such explanations by the company for backing off that decision but according to many computer experts and enthusiasts it is observed that windows 10 itself had sufficient features to survive in a long run but it is ok now with the new version but at least according to me there is no need of Windows 12 for almost upcoming decade .