Intel is distinguished

Intel Core - Intel core is the brand name of Intel the core represents the main brand word. As the core of intel gives you the performance and some additional qualities that other intel processors don't have. Intel has its Intel core, Intel Pentium, Intel Celeron and they also have the special brand called Intel Xeon which is used for the high performance in providing workstation and server speed and quality.

Intel core

I7 - I7 is the Brand Modifier in Intel every Intel brand name has its own unique brand modifier embedded in it, as for we are talking about the core brand name it has a series of 4 brand modifiers they are I3, I5, I7, and I9 series of odd numbers the performance increase with the increase in the number after "I" like I9 outperforms I7 outperforms I5 outperforms I3.

Intel i7

10th gen - The 10 indicates the generation of the brand modifiers the latest is the 11th gen now which will be out in the market and the first one to get that is Razer laptops, the generation increases the performance and the quality and price of brand modifier increases.As the generation increases the no. of threading to do multitasking and take up heavy things also increases.

10th gen

65 SKU - 65 or any 2 or 3 digit number that comes after the generation number is called the SKU (stock keeping unit ). SKUs are generally given to make understand the specific processor is made in which generation of the product line. The SKUs are normally not used to compare the performance of any processors.

Stock Keeping Unit

G7 - G7 or G and or many other alphabetic terms is called the Product Line
Suffix. This is one of the most important things to compare after the brand name and brand modifier. Every alphabetic term indicates a special power it is made for like this G term indicates The high graphic process capacity of the processor. You will understand by further explanation.

Suffix   Meaning 

G1-G7 -Graphics level (processors with     mobile graphic technology only)

E -Embedded ( the processor is attached to the system)

F -Requires the discrete graphics 

G -Includes discrete graphics 

H -High Performance 

HK- High Performance for Mobile devices like Laptops 

HQ -High Performance for mobile and               Quad-core 

K -Performance Unlocked 

S -Special edition

T -Power Optimized

U-Mobile power efficient

Y-Mobile is extremely low powered

Intel Pentium - Intel Pentium had one letter suffix and a 4 digit SKU for the processor and it had brand modifiers named as the gold and silver 

Pentium had a very optimized overall performance though it didn't have that good quality of multitasking capacity. The Gold and Silver are easily distinguished by the overall performance of the CPU.

Intel Celeron - Intel Celeron had 2 things to distinguish and those are one type having no single prefix and 3 digits SKU and another one was having a single alphabetic prefix and 4 digit SKU . Celeron was best known for its improved feature and benchmarks, which included cache, clock speed, and front-side bus.

All together makes one single term like this 

Intel Model