Android 12

                                                               Android 12 

            After Windows 11 updates, improving privacy policies, making OS UI simple to secure all apps now comes time to improve the mobile products, and what’s better than the specialist itself ( Android ). In Android 12’s latest beta 2 we saw drastic UI change and especially out of all I liked is the lock screen the way it lights up. The custom arranging of the notification bar and the most important notification history tracker are some of the major updates we saw in 12. You may also find dedicated G Pay in the notification bar this means you will not have to download a separate G Pay app to your android device. From now onwards may also find SMS pinning just like we do in WhatsApp that too in the inbuilt SMS app that’s interesting but this doesn’t stop android here from now you can also chat with your friends or any contact members without any tension on the SMS app as SMS app will also be end to end encrypted. Earth Quake Alerts is a new feature introduced on android and this feature is available on all android versions above Android 6 and soo about to roll out globally, frequent earthquake-prone areas like the northern side of India, Japan, and many more have already received this feature others too will get this soon.

Future Advancements -

Google Assistant can be more accurate with help of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. More accurate in what sense? Right now we can’t demand google assistant to write a mail or pay bills but with the upcoming advancements, we can see this too happen in real life. But this needs good security or else at least use an AI confirmation system so that the command given is truly you or is that someone else trying to get all your credentials.

Disadvantages of Updates -

With the increase in updates, there is also an increase of new kinds of viruses and malware to attack our devices at this time I would suggest that some updates like the one-click car control app feature which is being updated in android 12 should be removed from the list as we all know just a few days before we came across the “Joker Virus” to return and continue its haunt over app users right now only 8 of the apps found to be infected by the virus which is being removed by the Playstore for safety, yet we don’t know how many other apps are also being infected or how many apps will be infected. In this situation, apps and services related to private property shouldn’t get involved as an update in any OS. This is the reason why android is less secure than Apple devices.