Virtual Reality Vs Hologram
Virtual Reality Vs Hologram
  Virtual Reality - As explained so many times in my past Virtual Reality posts. Virtual Realities are nothing but a virtually built world full of virtual objects which can be felt and experienced using a computerized virtual reality headset ( the Head Mounted Display (HMD)). All the objects and the world itself are being created and also directed earlier so that the user may experience the objects being real and get immersed into the virtual world. Virtual Reality right now targets 2 of our sensory organs that are none other than our eyes for immersive view experience and the skin to feel the virtual object in the virtual reality world. The feel of the virtual objects makes the virtual reality world more realistic to users. This is only possible due to the help of Haptic Technology. Now the haptic technology is nothing but a kind of pad that is being induced inside the VR consoles, which helps the console make the user feel the objects in the virtual world with the help of sonic wave vibration by sonic transducers. 

                Virtual Reality can not only be viewed by one way of HMD ( Head Mounted Display ) like Oculus, HTC VIVE but can also be viewed by another method called CAVE VR method too. The cave is normally made to help the creators create the VR Game or the environment by using the CAVE sensors which help to view the head moments by the creators too( as this can be one method to create as there are other normal methods too to create a high-end virtual reality game). So with this said you may have got the whole brief idea of Virtual Reality, but Virtual Reality still makes things look unreal as the world created are digital and not the actual one. So there come Holograms to the picture. Now, why not Augmented Reality but taking holograms, this is because AR is still augmented from VR as the name suggests this means AR produces 3D objects into the real world but they can be experienced with the help of some medium like mobile phones ( For example -  Pokemon Go game ) as Augmented Reality creates 3D objects and animation with the help of cameras and the light it takes. As holograms too are dependent on light but they are a little different from that of AR. 

  Holograms -  Holograms, on the other hand, are more realistic when you normally compare them with Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality.  As many of us already watched some of the sci-fi movies where we saw the virtual 3D object floating on a portal-like thing that is nothing but the holographic image producer. But still, our world isn't that technology evolved to have such a light portal that produces the holographic image. Normally looking at the holograms we can get to know that holograms are made using the diffraction and deviations of the light/beam which comes by passing from the given object and forming the image of it as this was discovered very early even before the discovery of the cameras. We will be taking details about the holograms but for now, we will be looking at the formation of a holographic object using a coherent beam ( because unlike normal white light coherent consists of equal lightwave and similar vibrate time. ). 

Follow the below image.  

     Hologram Formation using coherent beam