Chrome recently launched its new logo after 8 years and as soon as it was introduced it was trending everywhere. Chrome's new logo designer Elvin tweeted it on 4th February 2022 and the update was highlighted as the "Chrome's Canary Update"(Canary update means the browser update which is still raw needs to develop for the full version to release).


 Chrome's new logo design -  

    Looking at the design pattern we can see the first logo back in 2008 had a look of 3D design and vector. After 3 years in 2011 Chrome came with its 2nd logo refresh and the design was not fully 3D but now it moved to 2D design giving 3D effect with its color shades. Now in 2014 Chrome came with its 3rd logo refresh and that is none other than the logo you all have been seeing till last week and even till now (if you haven't updated their canary update) which gave good color and shadow shades. After 8 years Chrome comes up with its 4th logo refresh (the logo is still yet to implement for the main version) but this time, the logo is fully 2D it's just like filling a chrome logo with colors I know it's simple and complications. So this logo design pattern of chrome shows that they are downcasting their design pattern from year to year, so with that, I came up with the new design plan for the next chrome's logo(given below). And this I will be pitching it to Elvin (Chrome's logo designer) for real.
Chrome New Logo
   Chrome Logo

    And it will be somewhat like this.


Chrome Logos