Virtual Reality Ideas
                                                 Cool Virtual Reality Ideas                                                      


        Virtual Reality is the most futuristic yet difficult to adopt in today's world, as not everyone is habitual to the virtual world thus some of these cool virtual reality techs can really convince today's mind to adopt it. What are those cool techs? Let's find out. 

1.  Virtual Reality in films 

Virtual Reality Film

       Virtual Reality can be used as the main source to view film so that people can not only watch the film but can also live the film this will really be very beneficial for many filmmakers as it will mark on peoples mind and will always remember it. 

2.  Virtual Reality Fitness -


       The concept is a totally new one and is brought to you by "Omni VR" a Virtual Reality company. We all know that in any VR game we have moved our legs to make the character move from one place to another, in Omni VR's gadgets it is a treadmill on which we can walk, run, crouch, and aim, so this will not only increase your experience to play a game but also make your fitness too.  

3. Virtual Reality of Smell

          This technology of Virtual Reality can really make you feel like if you are really into that particular virtual scene. As we all know that our all five sensory organs when get activated to something our mind treats that as the real thing same gets here as we get all the sense open in the virtual reality our mind treats it as the real world. So to make it possible we need to get VR smell sense and VR taste sense as well.