Omni one the VR startup company which manufactures VR Hardware products has some new VR products lined up for 2021.As the company is going to launch a VR treadmill for your home as the device is full body controlled by which you can physically run , jump , crouch all in one place . The device is confirmed to ship in mid 2021 at $1995 , the company also announcing the product with the crowdfunding investment campaign .

The treadmill as you see is a kind of  360 degree treadmill which is totally made of frictionless platform and a special friction maintainer shoe which will give you ease to move run on that platform without any problem . A hand like structure of the treadmill which comes with a special VR suit as you can see in the above gif ,the user will have to wear the suit that is attached to the hand which will keep the player intact in one place or may be it can be haptic suit to as this thing about suit not yet confirmed .

The device also comes with the series of many vr enable made games which includes Fortnite , COD Warzone and many others . This technology makes you feel the Steven Spielberg's movie "Ready Player One " . With this growing vr tech the should also have made the haptic & body size tracker  enabled suit which will give more fell in the game with this fab setup .

To find out the first look of the device check it out here down

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