Nobel Prize 2020

Nobel Prize 2020 - During this pandemic times we have some of our gems of world which shows us that a human has what kind of capacity in them to achieve , total proud moment for us . Coming to main point Roger Penrose achieve the nobel prestige for his ingenious mathematical method to explore albert Einstein's general theory of relativity . Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez  for discovering "a supermassive compact object at the center of the galaxy.

(We have 3 special news for today which I will be covering it here in short)
                                                                   Space X Starlink Mission

The 12th Starlink mission was Launched today from kennedy space center of NASA at 7:29 EDT this mission launched 700 satellites .This included the reuse Falcon 9 which included Crew Dragon Demo-2 which was used for Space X's human crew . Human astronauts consists of Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley , the launch all went well and the company says that the launch can help to achieve almost 100 megabits of downlink even in the lowest latency . 

                                                            Spacex to win pentagon Award

Musk's Spacex gets its Pentagon Award to build a Missile-tracking satellite , for which musk won $149 mn contract to build such satellites for Pentagon . US space Development Agency (SDA) said it was the first contract to the company by SDA for the satellites . The satellites use the Wide Angle Infrared Missile Tracking Sensor .