Google takes shot against MS Office

Google today announces its Google Workspace the rebranding of Google G-Suite with which google takes its another shot against the microsoft office . Google announces its rebranding and redesign of its suite of office apps. Along with the rebranding they also redesigning the apps that encompasses Gmail, Docs, Meet ,Sheet and the Calendar are new features designed to make all those products feel like they are integrated to one another . With this google is also changing its pricing for all its product as they add the new pricing of business plus level with more device management system .

With all these they also changed many of the system of working of the google apps like ,a chat window can be spawn a new document for everyone in the group so that they don't have to open up the new tab.In google docs instead of chasing the people or finding the chat window we can directly start the video call to the people who are available online on the google docs.

Microsoft started its new system in the office apps called the fluid framework system in which you don't have to switch different windows apps to do different work that means if you have to make a table which we used to create in ms excel and write a presentation for which we use ms powerpoint but with the fluid framework system we don't have switch apps we can do almost all the things just staying in app .

But google has did the fluid framework the best as they made it more flexible to use by this have made a direct challenge to microsoft . By this also made the fluid framework use in gmail too somewhat like this down below .

With this google just embedded the meet and the mail both in one so that they can share the project mail it and make a conference all at a same time ."Smart Chips" will be made use by the google which are the small contact cards which we can use it by just writing "@" on the document and you will get the list of the contact in your list you want to mention.


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