Vintage Instagram


Instagram a photo sharing created and launched by former CEO of Instagram  Kevin Systrom on october 2010 first on ios so the app was only made available for ios but after 2012 nov the app made its debut on android too. Its 10th anniversary for Instagram so the current insta developers Facebook celebrated the anniversaire by bringing a easter egg surprise to all of its users (only for ios) in settings option the users gets  an option to change your home screen insta logo which also includes the signature logo of instagram of the iconic polaroid camera  .

The update of this will only last for this month so it is said that to change it you favourite logo and use it and customize it in your way . But still many phone did not receive the update for which the company has said that the will look out for it and fix it as early and soon as possible in some time  .

You can get to know how to get the easter egg surprise  form down the below embedded video.


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