Computer Advancement
   Generation brings advancements in computer technology 
      Generation brings advancement of technology in computer time to time. Generation itself means passing on from time to time, so then why advancement in technology?  That is because computers are the ones which coordinate the whole technology sector not only that but also nowadays every automated thing is made and controlled by computers and that to computers is not only useful for engineers and technicals but also for medical, architects, accountants, and the list goes on. 

With growing AI, Machine Learning, and Robotics computers grow too as the management of all these technologies are controlled by computers and programmed by computers so it becomes very much necessary to make computers more advanced. So with that said generation change is fully proportional to the rate of increase in technology over the period. As it was said in Spider-Man ( 2002 ) " With great powers comes great responsibilities " same as that it is with computers in real life. Till now you may have got to know why computers get tech pushes but do you know too much automation can cause your physical disabilities. 

Virtual Reality

Not only AI and Machine Learning but VR technology to is having the greatest capacity of impact. VR is also considered as the new computer technology that can take over the usage of mobile phones. So to build a VR application we again need to grow our computer technology site. That's why " generation means advancement of technology in computer "